Internal Bluetooth Module - General Information

 Check your internal Bluetooth module:
 A lot of TOSHIBA Notebooks can be ordered with built-in Bluetooth.
 If you are not sure if your TOSHIBA notebook is equipped with an internal Bluetooth module,
 then please read here.
 Search a Bluetooth Module Kit for your TOSHIBA Notebook here.

 Use the Bluetooth software (stack) to get internal Bluetooth module information:

  • "internal Bluetooth SiW":
    An upgrade of this internal Bluetooth module is not possible.
  • "internal Bluetooth CSR (16.4)":
    The following notebooks can officially be upgraded by replacing it with the
  • "internal Bluetooth CSR (18.1)" v1.2:
    - Portege A100
    - Qosmio E10
    - Portege M200


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