Why is Bluetooth not working?

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Why is Bluetooth not working ?

Bluetooth hardware and software (Bluetooth Stack) is necessary in order to use Bluetooth.

Please turn your Notebook upside down and check whether or not a Bluetooth sticker is attached.

Check your product model sticker string above the serial number, if it includes a
"B" (=Bluetooth) near the end. In both cases Bluetooth is built-in.

A internal Bluetooth module should be in your system if the "System devices"
section of the "Device Manager" shows a "Bluetooth ACPI from Toshiba" device.
Have a look at the "Device Manager" picture below for more details.

Ensure that just one Bluetooth hardware is installed.

Read the “TOSHIBA->Bluetooth Hardware” section of the following webpage to find a suitable Bluetooth hardware:
 >>> go to PRODUCT INFO



Install the latest TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack of the following webpage for your Toshiba notebook.
 >>> go to the DOWNLOAD SECTION

The installation of this Bluetooth Stack on non Toshiba hardware may cause installation problems.
All Toshiba OEM Bluetooth Stack users should check their Bluetooth hardware vendor website for an update.
Ensure that just one Bluetooth software (Stack) is installed. Remove all other 3rd party Bluetooth Stacks.
Always just install the Bluetooth software, which was delivered with the Bluetooth hardware otherwise the
Bluetooth adapter may not be detected!
Remove the Bluetooth Monitor software if it is installed.
(It should only be used if the MS-Stack should be active)



SD Bluetooth Card works only with Toshiba PDA's.
Have a look at the compability list for more details.
>>> go to the Compatibility List

If you are using a SD Bluetooth Card 2 or 3 and it is not recognised by the
Operating System, then please update the SD Host-Controller driver.
The SD card slot has to support SDIO, otherwise the SD Bluetooth 2 or 3 card will not work.
Download the latest version from the following webpage:
 >>> go to the DOWNLOAD SECTION


Check to see if the antenna switch of your notebook is on.

Press the <Fn>+<F8> key-combination to turn on the Bluetooth antenna,
if your notebook has built-in WLAN and Bluetooth.

Start “Bluetooth Settings” from the “TOSHIBA->Bluetooth” program folder to activate the Bluetooth module.
Bluetooth is working if you can see a blue antenna with a bright blue border in the system tray on your screen.

Check if your Bluetooth hardware is properly installed:
Click "Start", point to "Run...", type "devmgmt.msc" in the "Open"-field,
and then press ENTER:
Compare the Device Manager window with the following picture.
Try the following if you have encountered e.g. a device conflict with any other device during the installation:
To show nonconnected devices in Device Manager select "View->Show hidden devices" of the menu.
Remove any "Unknown USB Device" under "Other devices" if it exists.
Try to install the missing component again.

Control Panel --> Bluetooth Local COM:


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